Tools & Resources

Obviously we want you to pray how you wish but it may be that some pointers and ideas of how to pray would be helpful. We will continue to update this page with resources so do please feel free to use any of the ideas below as an aid. Also, if you have something to contribute that may help others to pray, send us an email at and we’ll upload it here!

  • Coventry Prayer House have some fantastic resources to help us pray specifically for our city. Use the link and scroll down to ‘Here are a few ways to help you pray’. They also have a Spotify playlist which is open for you enjoy and aid your times of worship if you wish: Coventry HoP Fountain of Worship

  • This beautiful prayer below was sent to us by Peter and Lois from Breathing Space Coventry. They have adapted it from a group in Colorado. Maybe you could use this to inspire your prayers?

If you don’t know Breathing Space, do visit their website and book in a time to visit, find your own space and read, pray, linger, sit and think – as you wish. There is no charge for spending time at Breathing Space Coventry. You may want to visit during a slot you’ve committed to worship and pray. You can visit for as long as you wish, on Tuesdays – Saturdays between 10 am – 4 pm, and on Sundays between 12 noon and 5pm.  Booking is essential through their website.

  • Try this 60-minute prayer guide from 24-7 Prayer International that takes you through the Lord’s Prayer in an hour.

  • Take your prayers to the streets – go to a specific place in your area and pray over it. Or go on a prayer walk in your community.

  • Here is another helpful PDF from 24-7 Prayer International about prayer walking.