Who are we?

Hi! We’re a small team of Christians who live in Coventry and are part of churches in the city. We have carried this dream of organising unceasing worship and prayer throughout the year of City of Culture for a long time. Now it’s super exciting that we believe we have the grace to go for it! Our ‘claim to fame’ (🤣) is that we organised the March 24-7 prayer initiative. 99 people from over 20 local church and Christian organisations across Coventry came together and prayed unceasingly for a week from 14th to 21st March. It was after that week in March that we felt the Lord give us the ‘go ahead’ for Cov365.

So… who makes up this small team?

Dieks and Amanda

Dieks – Hi! I’m Dieks, I’m married to Amanda, the lady on my right (your left!) and we have a delightful 2 and a half year old boy. I work in the energy industry, I’m Nigerian born and bred and really felt like God led me to the UK 17 years ago to live here as who He has made me to be. Cov365 feels like a natural extension to what I’ve been learning and growing in God since 2013 when I learned that the primary activity of the church is worship and prayer. I pursue that individually as well as corporately. Amanda and I run a prayer group in the local church we’re part of and we’re grateful to God for 4 consistent years of the group learning and praying together. We’ve had the opportunity to meet and partner with a number of people in and out of the city over the years which we feel has helped us and brought us to this place of seeking God for the city of Coventry.

Amanda – Hello! Amanda here. You’ll know a bit about me from Dieks’ intro above. I work as an administrator at Warwick Uni part time and do things like soft play and farm trips with our son the rest of the time! The last year of lockdowns and the like has been a bit of a turning point for me spiritually. I’m grateful to God for a perspective which has enabled the last year to be a fruitful one. It has been an opportunity to really give time to the important things and allow God to minister to me and teach me more of His ways. A deeper desire for prayer and worship has been birthed in me and its such a joy to be a part of Cov365 as we offer what we have to God.


Lizzy – Hi! I’m Lizzy, the Rector (vicar) at All Saints Church in Allesley. I moved to Coventry in 2017 with my husband when I was ordained and we lived for the first part of our time in the city in Tile Hill before moving to Allesley recently. Although we have spent our Coventry time on this side of the city, I have a deep love and passion for the whole City of Coventry and am excited for what God is doing in this place. As well as leading a church in the city I have a regular radio show on Radio Plus every weekday lunchtime which is so much fun and it’s a great connection to the wider city.
I’m so excited about Cov365. It fills me with so much joy and delight to see God calling his people to prayer and I’m overwhelmed by the words God is giving people and how we as a city are going deeper in relationship with God and one another as we worship our Lord and cry out in intercession for this city. I can’t wait to see how our journey together is going to unfold and to build new connections along the way.